Welcome To Conscious 108

We have taken the best of what you love about food, and fashioned it into comfortable, gratifying, love conscious treats and meals.


Hello Conscious Creatures. Welcome to our home! Why home? Because we are friends. BFFs even. And through this journey we’ve done what friends do. Laughed together; shared victories and losses; had fat chats over good vegan food; talked about hopes and dreams; and in the end, been there in all the ways that count.

All homes are kitted out with a decent kitchen, we’d like to think. The Conscious 108 kitchen, is the kitchen in our home. The ‘restaurant’ where you dine is our living room. And you, are our friends. Thats why we love how personally you all feel about what we do. We love that you share your sentiments about how we can get better-thats what friends would do. We’d like to think that a good friend can also heed advice:-) So we’d love to share with you some of the reasons we opened this place (yes, we could possibly list 108 of them, but we will spare you!) and also share how we’ve listened to what you said, and are actively using that to continue making you feel welcome in our home.